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5 Amazing CSS Sites

Searching the internet can lead to some wondrous stuff and is a great way to get design inspiration. Starting with somewhere like or is pretty much guaranteed to throw some design wonders your way. Personally, I look for color, layers, good verbiage and information, easy access and movement, and sites that are fun but, as we all know, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. So, without any more procrastination, here are some of our favourite finds of the week.

1. Colleen Clapp

I found Colleen Clapp’s site ( and her paintings are modern and show well on the screen. There are 15 or so images and you can initiate a slideshow of Colleen’s work. You progress through the site by using sliding transition navigation to learn more about the artist, where she has exhibited her work, and how to get in touch with her. Simple, clear, and beautiful!

Colleen Clapp Website Screenshot

2. Type/Code

Type/Code ( is an organized CSS marvel. It truly lays out cascading sheets and you simply choose the title for the information you want. The “sheet” then expands to give you the details. The information is delivered well with unpretentious language and no industry jargon. On the sheet for P.J. Clarke’s restaurant, the writer has incorporated the story and history of P.J. Clarke – content is displayed in a nice mix of traditional and smart new layouts.

Type/Code Website Screenshot

3. Vancouver Aquarium

A great example of information sharing is the site for the Vancouver Aquarium ( The site background picture changes on the main page showing animals, reptiles, and advertisements for events. Who doesn’t love a good reptile? Finding information about the aquarium is very easy. There are tabs across the top of the screen to select more information on whale sightings, adoptions programs, and other programs in which the public can participate. There is a secondary web page menu – expansive drop-down menus – where you can select facility information, available activities, and how you can become a member of the Aquarium. The screen movement, easy access to information, and the cool pics make this a fun site for all.

Vancouver Aquarium Website Screenshot

4. Chrome Web Lab

One of the best web sites I found is by Google. This web site allows you to play in the “lab” by making music – this is “Orchestra.” You can play on your own or join the online community. You can be transported somewhere else in “Teleporter” or use the “Data Tracer” to see how data moves around the internet. Google is known to sponsor inventive sites and this one is a Beta version. This site allows interaction, has great color and video, written information on how the science works, and some humor. In addition, you can add a direct link to the Web Lab on your Google page – nice!

Web Lab by Google Website Screenshot


Finally, we have – a wonder of modern CSS design. It’s beautiful, interactive, and stupendously well designed… but not in a way that’s too over the top. The navigation of the site makes you want to play with it and the transitions, although very impressive, don’t take up too much valuable time. Look, enjoy, then get out and explore – you never know what you may find!

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