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Here at Broadland Digital, we offer search engine optimisation using keyword phrases to help get your website onto page 1 within your industry sector. Our SEO packages target areas that require high profile listings tailored to suit you, without the expense of pay per click. The main benefit of using organic SEO is that the search engine optimisation can be occasionally 'topped up' once you have achieved the position you wanted and maintain your profile. These tailored SEO packages start from just £300 per month, depending on the keyword phrases you choose.

So what can an SEO company do for you? Broadland Digital SEO Norwich aim is to improve your website rank organically for several keyword phrases within, Yahoo, Bing and Google's search engines. By thoroughly researching popular keyword phrases for your industry, Broadland Digital can help you select the best keywords, most likely to bring you the best return on investment. Our in house team of specialist developers are able to carry out the necessary amends to your website in order to prepare it for a strong start to your search engine optimisation campaign.

Our SEO consultants can walk you through the process and help you at all stages, not only to select the best keywords, but also advise about 'on page' SEO and social media marketing techniques which will all help increase your website's overall profile.

Our SEO consultants will talk you through every step of the process from selecting the best keywords through to advising on social media marketing techniques and 'on page' SEO, all helping to improve your website's overall profile.

The SEO techniques we use are considered to be not only white hat but also ethically sound, so there is no need to worry about the dangers of de-listing or 'boom and bust' that other providers have been known to expose people to.

Current statistics have proven that around 80% of all English searches are done through Google as it is the preferred search engine. This does not mean that Yahoo and Bing should be ignored as your potential customers could still be using them. Statistics show that 90% of the search results' traffic from page 1 will click the top 5 links. So if you optimised your site for Norwich SEO you would need to be in the top 5 results to attract any real traffic volumes.

Any website SEO carried out is advised to be done over a 3 month period or marginally longer for newly registered sites submitted for indexing within the search engines. Most clients start with a 6 month package and invariably will keep a maintenance contract running after seeing the results for their website keyword phrases, especially once appearing on page 1 of Bing, Google and Yahoo.

As a Norwich SEO company much of our time is spent researching the latest Google algorithms. With these changing so regularly, it is crucial to keep on top of these. By doing this, it enables us to offer latest and best techniques available to our clients.

Broadland Digital has an online control panel which means that you can monitor the services we offer, providing you with weekly updates. This displays the keyword phrases you have selected, the URL associated to the keyword phrase along with their positions within Google, Yahoo and Bing plus. All these results are easy to read as they are compiled into graphs on a week by week basis, keeping you informed of the progress of your website.

If increasing the profile of your website sounds appealing, then give us a call to arrange your FREE consultation or for an informal chat where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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