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Broadland Digital - Specialist UK SEO Company

Broadland Digital, a search engine optimisation provider that offers page 1 rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases within your niche industry sector.

SEO is specifically tailored to the market that requires high profile listings without the expense and waste often found with pay per click. The beauty of organic SEO is that once you have achieved your targeted results we only need to monitor and occasionally 'top up' the optimisation of your site in order to maintain your profile. This can be achieved from as little as £200 per month, depending on the volume and niche of your keyword phrases.

So what is a SEO company and what can they do for me? At Broadland Digital our aim is to increase your organic website ranking across multiple keyword phrases across Google, Yahoo and Bing's search engine networks. By researching the most popular keyword phrases within your sector we can help you choose not just the best keywords, but the ones which will bring the best return on investment. Using our team of specialist developers we can also make all necessary amends to the website in preparation to ensure a strong start to your SEO campaign.

Our SEO consultants can walk you through the process and help you at all stages, not only to select the best keywords, but also advise about 'on page' SEO and social media marketing techniques which will all help increase your website's overall profile.

All of our SEO techniques are considered both white hat and ethically sound, so you can rest assured your website is in no danger of de-listing or the 'boom and bust' that less scrupulous providers may expose you to.

Current statistics prove that Google is the preferred search engine for around 80% of the English searching market, but this does not mean you should to dismiss Yahoo and Bing along with many potential customers they could provide. Current statists also show that the 1st page will receive 90% of the search results' traffic and that the top 5 will receive by far the best click through rates.

We always advise that you give the optimisation process 3 months on established sites and slightly longer for newly registered sites which have only recently been submitted for search engine indexing. Most of our clients start on a 6 month contract and will keep a maintenance contract going once they see their website keyword phrases starting to appear on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As a UK SEO Company we spend much time researching the latest google algorithms, which change on a regular basis. This means we can always offer our clients the best and latest techniques available.

All of our services can be monitored using our online control panel which provides you with weekly updates. Showing your keyword phrases selected, their position within Google, Yahoo and Bing plus the URL associated to the keyword phrase. All of the results are compiled into graphs which produced week by week will keep you informed of your website's progress.

If you like the sound of increasing your website's profile to the world, give us a call for an informal chat and arrange for a FREE consultation, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Broadland Digital is a professional SEO Company, contact us to see how we can take your online profile to new heights.

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Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers

At Broadland Digital our main aim is to provide a cost effective web hosting solution using the best infrastructure possible.

By hosting your website with us on our own data circuit we can offer quick, efficient support, enhanced performance and reliability using the latest VPS and Dedicated Server technologies.

What We Offer:

We pride ourselves on our expertise and system knowledge so we can quickly administrate and support our client's needs. With constantly monitored systems both internally and externally checking performance and security threats your online business is in safe hands. Because our servers are built with performance in mind and specifically optimised for our websites, our engineers can roll out updates, rectify problems with minimal fuss and disruption.

Our datacentre infrastructure is monitored and has multi level failure protection to help us provide a secure and resilient web hosting platform for our customers.

Web Hosting Solution, Infrastructure

Broadland Digital, web hosting solution has been built to provide maximum redundancy and scalability. With the use of multiple routers and firewalls offering extensive redundancy we can always offer the optimum uptime.

Broadland Digital has its own exclusive class range of IP Addresses issued by Ripe. Our netname is BROADLAND-DIGITAL.

To discuss your specific web hosting requirements in more detail, please contact us using our contact form or call and speak to one of our technical support team.

Web Hosting Monitoring & Reporting

All systems are monitored for both performance and downtime avoidance. Service disruptions are kept to a minimum by constantly monitoring our platform for possible security threats, hardware and software failures and connection issues.

Our standard features include online reporting which includes web logs, disk usage, CPU & RAM performance, number of connections and visitors. We can monitor, report, alert and trigger actions against any process or application running on any of our servers.

We are more than happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

All our staff are not only trained on the hardware, but can also resolve software based issues, even roll out updates, upgrades and diagnose coding based issues.

Support issues are all managed via our support logging system. All issues are categorised based upon their priority using the following structure.

  • Non-Critical - enquiry or not related to service
  • Low Priority - services unaffected
  • Medium Priority - services affected but not totally unavailable
  • High Priority - services severely affected or unavailable

For further information on our range VPS, dedicated servers and web hosting solutions, please call or contact us using our contact form.

Contact us today!

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Email Services

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Campaigns and E-shots

Need to attract more business? Advertising a special offer? Launching a new product?

Why not consider our e-shot email marketing?
With over half of internet users checking their emails on an almost daily basis, Broadland Digital email marketing can help get your message out to many more potential customers.

  • Cost effective advertising compared to direct mail and printed media
  • Able to handle almost any project, whether it is a one off send or a monthly newsletter* Instant delivery, scheduled for any time of the day or day of the week
  • Full statistics and reports generated from our e-shots, with bad data being removed from your database for subsequent sends
  • Sent from a white label server, and checked for spam ratings, ensuring minimal bounce rate
  • All campaigns meet current guidelines for The Telecoms Data Protection Directive and CAN-SPAM, including 'sent by' information and unsubscribe options
  • Text only and HTML e-shots sent, meaning more people are able to access the content
  • No restrictions to amount of information, colour, images included within any given campaign
  • Databases available for the sector of your choice containing cleansed data, helping to ensuring no unsolicited emails are sent

For a breakdown of costs or further information on how Broadland Digital can help your company target more potential customers, why wait?

Contact us today!

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Ecommerce Website Design

With most companies now looking for a more cost effective form of marketing with accessibility to the global market, why not consider setting up your own online shop complete with fully SEO compatible shopping cart?

With Broadland Digital's Fusion management system the hard work is done for you, so you can focus on other things without falling behind in the online marketplace. Broadland Digital are able to offer packages suitable for people interested in earning a few extra pounds with their own small shopping cart, as well as full ecommerce websites suitable for major retailers.

Just as you found and are now considering a purchase with us, we can help your new potential customers find you.

  • Automated order processing, updating stock levels once sales are complete
  • Secure and fast online shopping cart
  • As a SEO Company we can fully optimise your Ecommerce solution
  • 24/7 service, with your shop able to take orders even on Christmas Day
  • Search engine compatible, with every product crawled by google
  • Accessible by anyone in the world, so no need to worry about losing sales because of different time zones
  • Payment gateway integration, linking directly to your bank
  • Hosted on a secure server allowing card details to be processed
  • Professional service, enabling customers to keep track of their orders
  • Visitor statistics, informing you where customers have accessed your site from, so you can easily see what advertising has worked for you

Call today to see how Broadland Digital can help your company improve sales figures, by making your shop accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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CMS - Content Management Systems

CMS - Content Management Systems

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Website CMS and Content Management Systems

Broadland Fusion - is the NEW bespoke website CMS system which has been developed by Broadland Digital.

We have found through experience that most customers these days want more than just a website. With Broadland Fusion website CMS you can now take back control of your website by doing all your own updates, however big or small.

The Content Management System will allow you to change everything, from just the text on a page to adding complete new sections to your website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Our website CMS is a bespoke package which we have developed so none of the system is based upon FREE open source software which can be downloaded over the internet. Because of this we can offer full support for the software as well as introduce new features and updates. Most Content Management Systems tend to be very difficult to use unless you have website development knowledge, and are often not very Search Engine friendly due to the way they work. Broadland Fusion introduces easy updates and very Google friendly optimisation, which not only allows you to build and update a very attractive website but also one that will also optimise very well.

  • Let us web design and develop the website, then we leave the update to you
  • No software to install, all updates are done via a web browser
  • Easily add new pages to your website design
  • Add new sections and product pages to your website
  • Add the page name, meta tags and keywords to your website - SEO Services
  • No broken links. Website CMS keeps track of internal links even when you change menu text or filenames
  • Upload your own images and optimise
  • Automatic menus, submenus built from main website sections
  • Easily turn pages on your website on and off from the menus
  • Broadland Digital - Best Web Design

Call today to test drive Broadland Fusion's Website CMS package.

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