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    Dedicated Web Hosting

    Hosted internally, our dedicated servers are designed for Mid-Sized Businesses and Large Enterprises that require dedicated resources. Our dedicated web servers are optimized with the latest technologies and come with dedicated RAM and CPU which are not shared with any other customer to provide extremely fast performance for your website. For more information and pricing, please email [email protected] or give us a call on 01603 407786.

    Our dedicated web servers are dedicated to your organisation with no shared sourced. Our Dedicated servers keep information locked down, ensuring that your data is secure. With dedicated support, we're here to help when needed for that added peace of mind. You'll get a fully managed dedicated web server running on our high availability HP Blade infrastructure.

    Harnessing VMWare's vMotion, we are able to migrate resources to other dedicated resources with zero downtime, allowing a continuous service availability.
    What are our selling points?
    • 100% Network Uptime
    • 99% Server Uptime
    • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
    • No Single Point of Failure
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • Free SSL certificate making your website secure
    • Located in our Norwich Datacenter
    • Optimised with caching technologies such as redis and varnish
    • 24/7 Monitored with in-depth reporting
    • Fully Managed by Broadland Digital

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