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    Our plaque has a huge impact on your business. How? It makes a first impression on the visitors which is key to your business.

    Decorative Plaque 

    We create a lot of plaques for occasions or commemorative purpose. Our commemorative plaques are well taken care of to ensure business unveiling events is perfectly going to the plan.

    We create, manufacture and install plaques that are unique to the customer requirements. Broadland Digital can illuminate your plaques with hidden lighting or LEDs.

    We use any materials including:

    • Bronze plaques
    • Brass plaques
    • Aluminium plaques
    • Steel plaques
    • Granite plaques
    • Etched plaques
    • Perspex plaques
    • Acrylic plaques

    Broadland digital can make plaques into any sizes without affecting the quality. We also do outdoor plaques as well. Contact us for more information!

    What makes plaque so special?

    What makes plaque so special?

    A plain and boring office can send the wrong message about a company. So personalizing the walls and environment of an office can give a better sense of what that company stands for and what the company culture is like. 

    Is plauque worthwhile investment?

    Is plauque worthwhile investment?

    YES! This kind of signage stands the test of time because it marks a milestone, so it won’t need to be updated. With our high-quality materials that are used to create the plaques, it won’t show much wear or tear. Instead, over many years, the plaque will become important markers of the company’s great moments.

    With many years of experience in signs and graphics, Broadland Digital is the perfect choice for all your signage needs.

    For more information, speak to us today!
    What are our selling points?
    • Excellent customer service
    • High quality materials
    • Fully trained staff

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