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    Canopies & Awnings

    Canopies and awnings are an incredible form of signage. 

    We can print on your fabrics to show your corporate logo and colours helping you to stand out in a busy environment, and providing shelter to your entrance from both the sun and rain.

    Canopies and awnings are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, offering an effective form of branding as well as a shelter from the weather and solar protection from the sun.

    And they come in many different styles, including:

    • Fixed cafe awnings
    • Canvas canopies and awnings
    • Rigid hotel canopies
    • Traditional drop arm awnings
    • Folding dutch canopies
    • Retractable awnings
    Retractable Awnings

    Retractable Awnings

    Retractable awnings are an excellent long-term solution for your home or business. It’s highly effective and does not lose its visual appeal.¬†

    Traditional Drop Arm Awnings

    Traditional Drop Arm Awnings

    Drop Arm Awnings are stylish yet enable customers to keep out direct sun whilst maximising the daylight. The projection can be adjusted to any angle so that it provides a visually appealing look as well as shading for customers. It’s very popular for many businesses. You will find them at Bella Italia or Costa Coffee.

    What is the difference between an awning and a canopy?

    What is the difference between an awning and a canopy?

    Both awnings and canopies offer you the chance to create a calm and protected outdoor space to enjoy. However, there are small differences in materials and shapes. Awnings are sheets of material attached to the exterior of your home, fixed above a window or a door and overhanging a porch, patio or walkway. Whereas Canopies tend to be larger and free-standing coverings which are used to provide shade and protection from the elements for a seated, outside area. Canopies and awnings are still ideal for cafe, restaurants and other food places. In addition to this, they both are made from similar materials to each other, that are designed to be durable and weatherproof!

    With many years of experience in signs and graphics, Broadland Digital is the perfect choice for all your signage needs.

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    What are our selling points?
    • Create an instant impact from the distance
    • Represents your message whilst providing sun/rain shelter
    • Enhance your brand image
    • Perfect outdoor signage solution for the summer

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