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    Flex Face Design

    Do you need a large format of business signage? No problem. Flex Face Signs is the best alternative to Fascia signs because it’s ideal for large format applications. Due to their lightweight construction and illumination options. It’s made from an aluminium frame with a tensioned high-quality, printed PVC banner to create a seam-free sign with perfectly even illumination.

    What’s the benefit of Flex Face signs?

    Flex signs offer effective scalability but also safety both during installation and after. We also offer Flex Face signage systems installation at a high level, with the lightweight frame and tension fastened PVC ‘skin.’ This provides a secure sign even in bad weather conditions.

    This is beneficial for estate managers and property developers as the flexible signs are easily replaceable for a new tenant or new branding. This means that it’s doesn’t need a brand-new sign system which is a cost-effective and less effort.

    "Flex" means great flexibility

    Did you know? Flex Face signage can resist winds up to 110 to 140mph! This means that it will last longer and will not be affected by weather conditions.

    It's also dirt resistant

    It's also dirt resistant

    Flex Face signs will always look cleaner and sharper to ensure the signage stand out at all times.

    With many years of experience in signs and graphics, Broadland Digital is the perfect choice for all your signage needs.

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