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    During an emergency, easy to navigate buildings, suddenly become dark and confusing. Whether the emergency is due to a power failure or something for critical, signage visibility to very important, allowing you to exit the building quickly and safely. Using Photoluminescent signs will provide clear directions to the nearest exits and assembly points. They can also provide important information including fire alarms, break out points and key instructions. Emergency signage is a legal requirement in every building and should be taken very seriously. Speak to us today to discuss your photoluminescent signs and emergency signage needs.

    Photoluminescent signs work by absorbing light from the sources around them. This absorbed light is then used when the lights in the building fail, effectively making the signage glow in the dark for a period of time. Emergency signage is usually used at the point of entry and exit, with the addition of directional and locational signage within the building.

    Protect your employees with Photoluminescent signs.

    Photoluminescent Signs

    Photoluminescent Signs

    Photoluminescent Signs are main used for emergency signage requirements, but can also be used within clever design.

    Fires along with an emergencies can result in power failures, even with well lit buildings, darkness can make then difficult to navigate. This in mind it can be very frightening and disorientating for people trying to evacuate a building. Our photoluminescent signs and emergency signage will self charge itself uisng ambient light in the room. This will aid the evacuation of employees and visitors to quickly find the nearest exit. Photoluminescent signs can also be used to highlight fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire hose points within a building. Additionally we offer a wide range of fire safety signage to compliment our photoluminescent signs and emergency signage ranges.

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